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  2019 Term 3 Week 9 Newsletter

Religious Education News, 5 Things To Ask Your Child At The End Of The Day, PRG Bingo, Spring Fair, Dance Fever, Punctuality, Year 6 Graduation Save The Date, Sports News, Student Awards, Term 3 Calendar 


  2019 Term 3 Week 8 Newsletter

Principal's Message, Religious Education News, PRG Meeting, Dismissal Procedures, Child Protection Online, K-2 Dance Fever Showcase, Kids Bingo, Save The Date Year 6 Graduation, Sports News, Term 3 Calendar

  Term 3 Week 7 Newsletter

Fun-A-Thon, Religious Education News, Literacy at Corpus Christi, Sports News, Important Notice: Uniform and Carpark, Father's Day Stall & Raffle, Student Awards, Cyberbullying, Term 3 Calendar

  2019 Term 3 Week 6 Newsletter

Principal's Message, Book Week 2019, Religious Education News, ACARA Collection Student Background Data Notice, Sun Safety, Attendance, 2019 Voice of Youth Final, Term 3 Calendar, Mathematics at Corpus Christi, PBL at Corpus Christi, Fun-A-Thon, Sports News, ICAS Assessments

  2019 Term 3 Week 5 Newsletter

Corpus Christi Book Week, Religious Education News, ICAS Important Notice, Premier's Reading Challenge 2019, Father's Day Stall, Fun-A-Thon, Sports News, PRC Meeting

  2019 Term 3 Week 4 Newsletter

Principal's Message, Fun-A-Thon, Father's Day Stall, Religious Education News, Sports News, Book Week

  2019 Term 3 Week 3 Newsletter

Voice of Youth, Important Reminders, Religious Education News, Student Awards, ICAS Registration Online, Year 6 Canberra Reflections, PRG Trivia Night

  2019 Term 3 Week 2 Newsletter

Principal's Message, Religious Education News, Reminder - Assembly Tomorrow, School Census, Facebook, Front Gate Security - School Hours, Use of Student Photographs, Attendance, Sports News, PRG - Claim The Dates, Term 3 Calendar

  2019 Term 3 Week 1 Newsletter

Welcome Back to Term 3, Religious Education News, School Census, Earn & Learn, Facebook, Term 3 Assemblies, ICAS Online Registration, Term 3 Calendar, Sports News, PRG Trivia Night, Premier Reading Challenge

  2019 Term 2 Week 10 Newsletter

Principal's Message, Religious Education News, Assembly, 2019 Spring Market, PRG Disco & Mufti,  Student Awards, Medical Alert, Premier's Reading Challenge, Sports News, Book Fair & Grandparent's Day, Kindergarten Excursion to Calmsley Hill Farm, Term 3 Calendar

  2019 Term 2 Week 9 Newsletter

Three Way Interviews, Religious Education News, Changes to Assembly, Front Gate Security, Crazy Hair Day, ICAS Registrations, Staff Development Day, Sports News, Premier Reading Challenge, Book Fair & Grandparent's Day

  2019 Term 2 Week 8 Newsletter

Principal's Message: Corpus Christi Feast Day, Religious Education News, Launching Facebook, Staff Development Days, Crazy Hair Day, ICAS Registration, Premier Reading Challenge, Book Fair & Grandparent's Day, PRG Term Meeting, PRG Disco, Sport News

  2019 Term 2 Week 7 Newsletter

Student Semester One School Reports, PRG Meeting, Religious Education News, Corpus Christi Feast Day, ICAS Online Registration, Parent Information, Sports News

  2019 Term 2 Week 6 Newsletter

Principal's Message, Religious Education News, Reminder: Morning Drop Off, Lost Uniform Items, Kindy 2020 Enrolment Offers, TTFM Survey, ICAS Assessments Update, Student Awards, Learning at Corpus Christi, Term 2 Calendar, Premier Reading Challenge, Sports News