In Religion, Year 2 have focused on exploring and understanding God’s covenantal relationship with Noah and how they can also make promises to and with God. The children then connected this to their own lives by making their Lenten promises which were joined up into a chain to show that we are all here to help each other.



In Literacy, the children in Year 2 have been reading and learning about animals, Landforms and Landmarks. They have also been composing informative texts about particular animals and places we have been studying. The students have studied different animals like Eagles, Crocodiles and Frogs. They have also composed texts on places like The Big Banana, Uluru and The Great Barrier Reef.


  • 12 Sep 2023

    From Facebook
    Racing when the slowest is the winner!

    12 Sep 2023

    From Facebook
    Another glorious Spring day as Year 4E participate in the CARES program.

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