Welcome to Corpus Christi Primary, situated in Cranebrook, one of the northern suburbs of Penrith.

Our school works in partnership with the Parish of Corpus Christi. Our relationships are based on the Gospel values of love, respect, trust and inclusion at all points of interaction. We strive to promote positive, constructive and open dialogue between students, parents, staff and pastor.

Our teachers are professional educators committed to the development of the whole child. We have a learning environment that allows each student to be empowered and challenged as they communicate with truth, clarity and integrity, and learn about their ever-growing and changing world.

We strive to provide a safe, harmonious and effective environment that is conducive to quality learning and teaching, and our classroom spaces are vibrant, organised and stimulating. Our students have access to stunning, modern learning spaces that complement the extensive recreation and sporting areas.

Our leadership is distributive, collaborative and values-based. We provide opportunities for students and teachers to lead across a variety of areas. Our learning community allows all students to grow into the person that they were born to be. I encourage you to visit us at the school to see us in action.

Sarah O'Rourke

Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School Cranebrook Principal Sarah O'Rourke
Our vision and mission

Corpus Christi is focused on providing a learning environment where all community members feel welcomed, cared for and supported.

Our difference

Our learning community has so much to offer your child! Discover all the benefits of a Corpus Christi education.

Our dedicated teachers

Our dedicated teaching staff are committed to transforming the lives of every student, every day.

The learning journey

With a strong focus on learning how to learn, our school puts the growth of each individual child at the heart of schooling. Corpus Christi is a place of wonder, exploration and endless possibilities.

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